Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why I Love My Husband Thursday

Adding to my ever growing list: why I love my husband.

*When he sees something he thinks is "cute" he says "that is so Pamela".

*He respects "my space"

*When we were having new AC put in this week - he went to great lengths to see that I would not be inconvenienced in any way - he put my recliner in the computer room, he set up a portable air conditioner for the day, he had moved my iPad and  iPhone chargers to the computer room - the book I am reading in my chair and checked on my through out the day to see if I needed anything so I didn't have to even walk into the other heated rooms (except for the bathroom - LOL - he couldn't help me with that!)

*He is an awesome pool boy and yard man. ;)

*When my mom and 2 grandangels were here for 2 weeks - he never once fussed about the $$ spent.

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