Friday, September 27, 2013

Weigh In Friday

This was actually my last Easter dress and I had already gained a lot of weight and had to wear a sheer top over it to help camoflauge.
Vest - Mudd - Kohl's
Dress - Catos

Below - Easter 2013

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  1. Yay you! Looking great. I am on the lifestyle change journey. I'm down 11 pounds. I feel so much better. I will lose another 10-20 lbs before the holidays. Mind, I said will not try. Positive thinking, I'm sure it helps. :)
    Visiting from I love my post blog hop. Following you via Bloglovin'
    Barbara @

    1. Thanks! I am leaving for a conference Sunday for 4 days - lets see how I do then! lol
      Congrats on your 11 pounds! will be stopping by to visit your blog.


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