Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Feeling almost human again after my wisdom teeth extraction ordeal. It has bee a LONG 6 days! Today is my first day to venture outside of my house and basically out of the recliner. 

The upside - I lost 3 more pounds. woohooot!

Shirt - Apt 9 Kohls
Leggings -Vera Wang Kohls
Boots - Top Mode - ebay


  1. Oh dear (((()))) don't remind me. That's what my dentist told me last time. It won't be long and the first wisdom has to go. Must have been six days in hell for you. OK let's talk about nicer things, shall we. Nice outfit and congrats on the weight loss!!!!

    1. Don't wait until it is a have to case - if you can do all 4 at once, I would. Get it over with. I have one out when I was 22 - then these 2. My other one they don't want to remove unless it is a have to case - because there are nerves wrapped around it and they will have to cut nerves, most likely resulting in losing feeling in my bottom lip. I don't want that! (and thanks for the compliment!)


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