Friday, January 10, 2014

Weigh In Friday

146 Yea Me!

I am sooo proud of myself - through the holidays and a 12 day stay in Arkansas - I did not gain a single pound! I am telling you - keeping up with everything with My Fitness Pal is the way to go!

I ate a LOT of things that were definitely not "diet" - like homemade banana pudding, peach cobbler, fried potatoes and even at a Wendys, Arbys and McDonalds - but it wasn't every day and it was in moderation (except the fast food restaurants - those were all out high calorie meals!)


  1. Thanks! I feel good.
    Just caught up on your blog - I didn't realize you had gotten back to it.

  2. Great! I found myfitnesspal is a great tool too!


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