Thursday, February 13, 2014

iPhone Cases - Obsessed Much?

Apparently, I am.

I have had umpteen cases since getting my iPhone. Right now I am finally in compliance with my husbands views of a "useful" phone case. After much complaining from him that I was going to kill my iPhone one of these days since I always seem to have cases that are more pretty or cute-sy, as he says, rather than for what they are actually intended for -

Here are some of my favorite cases I have had it the last year or so:

So, OK, now I actually have an Otterbox - but do you know that there are very few pretty Otterbox phone cases out there? At least that is my opinion. I found someone on ebay that customizes the Otterbox more to my taste. So I ordered one. I got it. I like it. 


  1. hey you're right that Otterbox is actually cute, normally I'm not a fan either but I may have to look into that one!

  2. Its crazy! they are so plain unless you like pink camo! Anyway - just google customized Otterbox and you will find tons of great designs! I love the chevron and may still get one of those, too~


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