Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thank You, Kandee Johnson!

I am a big time Youtube watcher and have over 100 videos online myself - but there are a couple of people I subscribe to that have actually helped me here and there.

I would like to thank Kandee Johnson for her very many helpful videos but one that has been the biggest help to me recently is  Applying False Eyelashes. I have tried many many times over the years to wear false eyelashes and have had zero luck. Every time I would give up I would go back to trying lash lengtheners and serums and I have spent a small fortune in mascara - I have tried them all!

BUT...I decided to watch Kandee's video all the way through and really pay attention and then tried one last time and got them on the first try! I wore them all day! The next day - tried again - and got them on first try! I wore them to church and again, all day. Then the big test - I wore them to work - around my friends who see my up close and personal. The first day - no one seem to even notice - the 2nd day - I got a few compliments on my "make up - something was different". Then I went to lunch with a friend - sitting directly across from each other for an hour - and she finally commented how long my eyelashes looked - when I told her they were false - she said she would have never guessed - they looked very natural. I had been wearing
Eylure - #20 - pretty light - thin - so no dramatic look. I sent the following pictures to my mom and daughter - and both were impressed with how nice they look. I sent my mom the link to Kandee's video so she can watch it. I know she has always wanted to wear them.

I decided to go a little bolder - little thicker - and then I really started getting noticed - but all positive. Two friends wanted to know the brand, how to put them on, etc. So apparently they are ok, too - but I am going to stick with the #20. I like how they look and to me, they feel more natural. I bought them at Kohl's, but they also carry them at Walgreen, CVS and Walmart. Kohl's price is $6 but I always have a coupon.

So thank you, Kandee Johnson - you are an inspiration to many. Keep the videos coming, girlfriend!

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  1. I am a total makeup junkie & I actually own a box of 70 different falsies in different lengths & thicknesses. I too learned how to put them on using YouTube. I am going to check out Kandee's video to share on my makeup pinterest board. Thanks for adding another opportunity to learn to me and my followers. The lashes do look very natural on you.

    Kellie @ Sexy Bags and Shoes


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