Friday, April 18, 2014

5 on Friday

Hey Hey - it's the weekend!

1. I helped a good friend rehome 3 baby kittens. She was stressing out so bad because no one would take them, but I found happy homes for them. They are so cute and I wouldn't mind having one myself, but hubby is allergic (so he says)

2. I have mastered the art of false eyelashes! I love them! I even blogged about it HERE.

3.  Brad's family reunion - we leave today and will be back Sunday. It is at the T-Bar Ranch in New Braunsfel. I am looking forward to it!

4. I sold our 2 old iPhones on e-bay for $345.00 total - not too shabby! I am loving my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - and now have a new obsession with cases - what am I going to do with all those iPhone cases? LOL

5. Easter weekend! Be blessed - Christ suffered on the cross for our sins and then He rose again in 3 days just as He said He would  - He loves us so much!

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