Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Phone - New Case - Another Obsession

I blogged only a short time ago about my obsession with iPhone I have switched to the Samsung Galaxy Note II and here we go again...........

I just can't help myself. 


I bought this one as soon as I got my Note II.

I just got these 2 in the mail yesterday and another is on it's way. I am forever checking out cases on e-bay and Amazon. 

I bought a flip case that I just LOVE, but I don't see it as user friendly - soooo - probably won't be using it much. I just haven't gotten in to using Bluetooth which is a must if you are going to use a flip case. I suppose. 

This was Brad and my convo last night...

me - Check out my awesome new flip case!

him - Cool - how do you talk with your phone in it?

me - oh - I didn't think about that. hmmm

LOL - oh well!

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