Friday, May 9, 2014

A New Family Member - A New Blog

We are now the proud (pet) parents of an American Bulldog. He is 3 months old as of yesterday, born Feb. 8th. His name is Opie Slaid Graves and he is about the cutest thing ever. 
I have had house dogs all my life. None over the weight of 17 pounds. The smallest being 5 pounds. Opie weighs 17 pounds right now! We don't know how big he is going to get, but our guess is at least 70 pounds and probably closer to 90. He could be as much as 120! Time will tell!

Opie and I are writing a blog together - a post each day is the plan. With my help (of course ) the blog will be as seen through the eyes of Opie. There will be lots of photos and we will love to hear some of your tips on raising a BIG dog in your home. 

I hope you will check it out and follow us daily. You can check us out right HERE


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