Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My First Reborn Kit has Arrived!!

I am so excited! My first Reborn kit is here and it has every thing I need to reborn my very first baby. I am nervous to even get started. It has so much with it. I bought my convection oven today. (you have to bake the paints to set so the paint cures).

I have read through the notebook that was sent with the kit and there is also a DVD to watch. I have already watched several videos on Youtube, as well. 

My husband made a drying rack out of PVC for me to allow the limbs/head to dry.  

I haven't decided if they will be a boy or girl as of yet...or if I will keep them or not - I would say yes, because it will be my first attempt. If I am satisfied with my work, then I will jump right into another for sale. 

I am so excited!!
This is everything I need to bring one Reborn baby to life!

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