Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Obsession??

Yep, another's like I woke up one morning and said "I think I will get a fish". So I buy a Betta, a really pretty red Betta. I buy the pretty vase and some rocks and plop him right in...2 days later - I decided he needs a bigger home - so in comes the 2 gallon tank. I figured I may as well read up on them online - and before you know it I am at Petsmart buying a 10 gallon tank - some Dalmation Mollies and Mickey Mouse Platys. Obviously I didn't read "enough" online - I put those poor little guys right in - didn't even know the meaning of the word "cycle". I guess someone was looking out for the poor defenseless fishies because somehow they made it through the cycle - not only did they make it - but one of the Mollies (Dolly) had babies! So I run to Walmart and buy another tank - with filter - and make a nursery for the little guys. OH, HOW CUTE! I saved 6 of the little cutie pies. Well, as if that wasn't enough - I bring home a 37 gallon tank ( seriously). of this writing (typing) I have accumulated the following:

2 gallon - Red Betta - Noah
10 gallon - Blue Betta - Betty, White Betta - Wilma, Blue Betta - Sapphire, Blue/Green Betta - Emerald, Red Betta - Ruby. So 5 beautiful females.

37 gallon - 2 Dalmation Mollies - Dolly & Dahmer - 2 Ballon Belly Mollies - Lucy & Ricardo, 2 Mickey Mouse Platys - Minnie & Mickey, 1 Red Wag Platy - Cletus (hubby named him) 2 Sun Burst Platys  - Sunny & Hunny, 3 Cory Cats - Larry, Curly & Mo (hubby named them, too) and 2 Mystery Snails - Goldie & Hawn

Then my little 1.8 gallon nursery with 6 cute as can be Dalmation Mollie babies - soon will have to move to a bigger tank. REAL soon! they are growing like crazy!!

So that is a total of 26!
I love feeding them, I even love cleaning the tanks. I can watch them for hours. They can be so personable.

Here are a couple of pics of my little guys & gals.

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