Monday, November 14, 2011

Changing Hairstyle Trauma

I want to change my hairstyle. I want to, but it is just not that easy for me. It sounds crazy, I know - and believe me - when I hear myself talk about it - I know it is ridiculous. I envy those girls who can just walk in to a salon and pick a new do. First, I have to think about it, then I have to look at about 100 styles, think about it some more, get a gazillion opinions, think about it some more, then IF I actually get as far as making an appointment - I pretty much scare the poor soul who is about to cut my hair half to death with my wild eyed look and my hyperventilation.
I know where my drama - stress comes from - I can pinpoint it to the exact moment! I was 10 years old. I had long, pretty hair. My mom worked night shift. My dad had to get my sister and I off to school. Dad gets tired of dealing with 2 girls with long, tangling hair in the mornings. Dad takes  girls to get hair cut. Problem solved - and I looked like a BOY! Not just a little bit - a lotta bit! All the way off - like as in Mia Farrow in RoseMary's Baby off! Pair that with a flat chest, no make-up age - BOY! I had to wear a headband every day just to be able to half way look like a girl. UGH! Trauma - I was NOT cute at all. :-(

Sooooooo...Right now I have been in the "thinking" stage for about a week. I have looked at 100's of hairstyles...I have the hairstyle I want. I love it.
- NOW all I have to do is make that appointment! My heart is pounding.....

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