Thursday, November 24, 2011

I did it! I overcame my short hair scare

If you read my last blog post then you know that I was contemplating cutting my hair. Well, I did it! I bit the bullet and overcame my anxiety. First, I arrived 30 minutes early for my appointment so I could casually (yea, right) go through the hairstyle books. I already had the hairstyle picked out with pictures on my phone to show my stylist, but I wanted to find big photos in the books to make me more comfortable that these were "dos" she had possibly cut before (of couse she has, it is a simple straightforward cut, but still....this is MY hair we are talking about.) I found the style in the short hair books on several pages and bookmarked them all. (overkill?) Anyway, when it was finally time for my appointment and I have about 12 pictures to show her - she gasped in awe that I was actually even thinking about it - she had NO idea...and she knows how crazy even talking about this makes me. Then the other 2 stylists had to come over and check it out - along with their gasps of "OMG - no way!!" That almost sent me running out the back door, but I steadied myself - my mind was really really made up this time! I put on my smock - and we were ready to rock. My stylist (Nora) offered me a bottle of water - *should have been something a little stronger, I think* - and away we went. She started chopping - and there was no turning back. When she was done - it was a choppy, uneven, crazy looking mess! Oops - I didn't realize she was just getting some of the length out of the way to do the highlites and THEN we do the REAL cut...whewwwwwww. I was about to have a runaway!! Once we started the highlites I was back in familiar territory and almost forgot that my hair was even being cut. I got all into a magazine so I was pretty calm by then. Ok, time to wash/rinse and then put on a good heated conditioner - sit under the dryer for a few minutes - and back to the chair - time to do the REAL cut...

I got a little anxious a time or two when I would see Nora studying the photo in the book - thinking "Ok, she said this is a simple cut, easy as pie, why are we STILL looking in the book????" I just shut my eyes and thought, "well, it is done now - you can't go back, just gotta hope for the best".

She put those shears down - starting blow drying and walahhh - swung me around in the chair to see the finished product and I LOVE IT! I absolutely love it! Funny thing is - it is almost as short as when I was 10 years old and the hair cutting trauma began! wow - who would have thought?
Best of all, my hubby loves it, too. My daughter loves it, my mom loves it, my friends love it - so I am so glad I did it!! :-)

My Before Pic

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