Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reading Glasses - UGH!

One of the worst parts of getting "older" is trying to read and not being able to see squat! I wear monovision contacts and still can't read! I had a pair of progressive lens glasses that were supposed to be my back up and it got where I couldn't even read with those! I recently went to the eye doctor for an exam and I bought new Coach frames that I wanted to have my prescription put in. After my exam it was determined that I just wasn't going to get much better reading than what I was getting already - and my eye doctor suggested I just have my glasses for distance since I am near sighted and then just pull them off when I am reading as I don't wear them that much - only to give my eyes a break from the contacts every other week or so. I hate the monovision contacts but if I go back to wearing contacts just for distance I will have to have a pair of reading glasses on me all the time since upclose will be blurry all the time for reading. It is bad enough already with one contact for reading and one for distance.  I really don't want to be one of those ladies with a pair of reading glasses sitting on top of my head or hanging off of a chain around my neck! Today that is just what I did - my husband even commented - I had a pair of leopard print reading glasses sitting on top of my head most of the day.

That is the up-side ... they do make some pretty trendy reading glasses now - they even come with cute little cases. I have a zebra print pair at work - a red pair - a brown pair - I have little skinny glasses all over the house.

They are a pain in the patootie - but I do like to read - so guess they shall become one of my accessories from here on out. I found some really cute Vera Bradley specks on ebay - just bought them - so at least I will be stylin'! I'm still not wearing them on a chain around my neck, tho!!!

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