Thursday, March 1, 2012

My new (Betsey Johnson) Sunglasses

How cute are these?
I have been needing new sunglasses for the longest.  My Coach sunglasses finally bit the dust months ago  - then I bought a cheapie off brand pair and they somehow got a big scratch on one lens so I couldn't stand that. I look on ebay at least once a week looking for a good bargain on Coach - nothing so far.
I decided to branch out and look at other designers besides Coach. I looked at Prada, Gucci, RayBan, Vera Wang ...either not the style I was looking for or the price I was willing to shell out the bucks for. I knew I wanted a more fun - whimsical -funky- colorful - style -but in good taste - so I thought of  Juicy Couture - Betsey Johnson - even Ed Hardy.

I finally found just the style I had in mind - designed by Betsey Johnson - pretty rose and tan. I love the little on the tip.

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  1. Wow this glasses looks cute and not to mention... it's pink! Finding this at the time of your "crisis" must've been really worth it.


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