Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OOTD Tuesday

I love long dresses - I could pretty much wear these year round - daily. Most of the people I work with think the greatest thing ever is "jeans day" - not me - give me a long comfy maxi dress any day! This pretty purple one is from Kohls - the purple top is from Catos and I just bought these cute shoes from Marshalls to start off the open toe season (in Texas that comes early, ya'll) I have another pair - same brand - same style - and have pretty much worn them out after 3 years so I wanted another pair and was excited to see these are pretty close. (just wish they were as broken in as the other pair - talk about comfy!)

*This was actually OOTD last week but then I forgot that it was test day and changed to the Bobcat Pride wear. I didn't want to just toss this look - since it is one of my favorites. TodayI am flying to Arkansas and my look won't be near as

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