Thursday, April 5, 2012

13 Things People Do That I L♥ve

I am linking up with Aunie Sauce for Thursday 13: My first posting. Looks like this is a week for compassion (very appropriate with this being Easter weekend!

Here are 13 things people do that I love:

1 - People saying "God Bless You" when you sneeze.

2 - Letting another person go ahead of them in line at the check out when they see they have fewer items.

3 - People who rescue dogs instead of paying big bucks for a purebred.

4 - I absolutely LOVE seeing a dad out with his kids and genuinely happy about it. Especially when they do cute things with their kids and don't worry that they might look silly.

5. People who still send snail mail cards for no reason at all.

6. Walmart greeters who are actually happy greeting people - making you feel welcome.

7. People commenting on my blog!! I love it! Especially entering my GiveAways!

8. People commenting on my Youtube videos! I love that, too!!

9. I try to compliment people on a regular basis - it is nice to receive compliments, too!

10. It is nice to know there are people in this world who still hold doors open, say excuse me, thank you, but we still need more of it, especially with the kids.

11. Return a smile if I smile at you  - 2 smiles always shine brighter than 1!

12. My favorite people - my hubs - always having my coffee ready in the mornings.

13. I love being able to meet new friends bloggin' - thanks for sharing your posts!!

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