Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Gallery Furniture "Free" Shopping Spree

We pretty much buy all of our furniture at Gallery Furniture and remembered today we have $300 store credit so decided to take a trip over to see if there was anything that we might spend that $$ on. We walked all around the store and had just about decided to put it towards a flat screen TV to replace the big screen TV we have in the garage and then we found one room full of  items that were all 40% off. I set my eye on a beautiful black and white tile clock that I just knew would look so good in our living room. There were just so many different things to choose from. I think Brad knew pretty quick that the TV idea was out the window. (Nothing wrong with that big ole TV out in the garage anyway! :-))
I was picking up items left and right - trying to decide what all I could get out of the store with. I was trying to add everything up  - with the 40% discount - getting as close to the $300 as I could. Brad started telling me I was going way over and I was only going to be able to get a couple of things. He thought that everything was already marked down plus it only pertained to the items that actually had the signs on them. He forgot he was talking to the Queen of Bargains. When I explained EVERYTHING in that room was 40% off - and it was 40% off of the price on the ticket - his face lit up like a Christmas tree. He was in it then. He forgot the TV, too. As if this wasn't great great great enough - we take our bargains to customer service and find out we don't have $300 credit - we have $400 credit! $429 to be exact! OMGosh - back to that room we go. We were like 2 kids in a candy store. By the time we were finished with our little "free" shopping spree - my SUV was loaded in the back - and we walked out paying $4.79 because we went over just a tad bit.
It felt like we were in a game show - we just kept going back and forth to the girl at customer service and she would tell us how much more to spend.

Now - if we could just have a fun shopping spree day like this in the grocery - wouldn't that be fun!

Here are some of our free bargains:
It is sitting on the couch - so you can see it is really a nice size.
 Tall black vase and dried arrangement in the foyer

Two really nice lamps
The lamps and clock alone would have been $400 at regular price

Dried arrangement

Brad picked out this tall vase and the dried arrangement above are in it.

5 x 7 black and rhinestone photo frame

Metal decorative candle votive - pretty huge - not sure what I will do with it, but it is gorgeous!
Decorative Balls


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