Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday, 13th - High Five For Friday

TGIF! Friday the 13th AND my mom's birthday! HaPpY BiRtHdAy, mom - I love you! ♥

Once again I am linking up to Lauren From My Grey Desk.

My Highlights for this week are many but I will narrow it down to 5.

1. Easter Sunday was wonderful - a great start to any week when it begins with a good worship service.

2. I got my hair trimmed - and it turned out how I wanted it- that is always a plus!

3. I bought a new pair of Yellow Box Sandals AND a Vera Bradley purse. :-) Both from Norma's Country Dreams

4. I got our taxes done - which I put off as long as I could AND got the off in the mail. AND I mailed the mug for my partner in the coffee mug swap. I hope she likes it!!

5. I am working on Revelation Song and it is going pretty good. I am getting there! I have 5 chords now: G, Em, D, C, A and Am . You only need D, A, C and G to play this song. I am very slow - and even though this is a slow song - I still can't keep up yet.

Only 33 more days until SUMMER BREAK!

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