Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Vera Bradley Wish List

After buying a Vera Bradley bag this week - I have been pouring over the Spring/Summer catalog and making a wish list. Actually, I ordered one tote and it is on its way!

Versailles Tote
Which is on sale right now for $39.

I want one (or 2 or 3) of everything - but here are my top 10 that I am "wishing" for:

Headband duo
e-reader sleeve
Ditty Bag
Sun Hat


Large Duffel
XL Duffel

Purses & Totes

Quick Draw
Baby Bag
Go Round Tote

I could go on and on and on ... I know some people want all one pattern - not me - I like a hodge podge of colors - Floral Nightingale, Safari Sunset, Versailles, Viva La Vera, Bali Gold - I am really not picky! So if you should want to buy me a pretty - feel free!!! LOL

Check out the Vera Bradley here

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  1. I love Vera Bradley and have 2 totes, a wristlet, coin purse and a make up case. Mine are a mixture of 3 different patterns


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