Friday, May 4, 2012

Confessional Friday Link Up

Confession Time: Linking up with Blonde Ambition

I knew my husband was grilling hamburgers but I still stopped at Taco Bell on my way home and scarfed down 2 Mexi Melts.

I did a post about how my husband reacted when I told him I had been taking secret guitar lessons and I had a hidden video recorder going. He told me I better not put the video on Youtube - I agreed not to - but I pulled several photos out of the video and used them - he doesn't read my blog - so he won't ever see them. (they aren't the best shots of him since I intentionally pulled shots of surprised looks) You can read the post and see the pics  here .

I have been watching DWTS and American Idol since they started this season and even tho I won't miss a single show - I am really not liking AI at all. I think this is the worst year yet - I am disappointed with who is left - I am glad Skylar was sent home - but I really lost interest after Colton left. :-(
With DWTS - I was glad Urkel finally went home...or Jaleel or whatever his name is. I want Melissa Gilbert to win.

I came close to buying a new Vera Bradley purse this week. I bought 3 in April and promised myself I wouldn't buy any more for awhile - so at least I kept the promise (so far!)

I got excited when I saw She's Having A Baby was on TV tonight - corny movie but I love it! I alway cry when she is in labor and he thinks she is going to die.

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