Friday, June 29, 2012

High 5 For Friday

Whoop Whoop! Not only is it Friday but the day has finally come for us to head out to Arkansas this morning and pick up my mom and 2 oldest grands! I am super excited! So I am all packed up - ready for that 500 mile LONG drive.
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So what has been worthy of a high 5 this week? 

I got an all clear from my gallbladder surgery - so I have been in the pool exercising every day this week.

I bought a new Vera Bradley handbag - it was just calling my name!

We had a visit from the Oklahoma grands - they spent 2 nights with us this week. The highlight was taking them to see Brave (I will be seeing it again next week with the 2 grands that are we are going to get! Good thing I really liked it!)

I sold $100 worth of baby fish, shrimp and snails - that deserves a HUGE HIGH 5!!! :-)


  1. You guys have a great trip, be safe! I know you are excited to have those grand angels around!!

  2. Hi! Thank you for following. Following you in return. I got my gall bladder removed 2 1/2 years ago and it was such a relief from the bloating, gas, and pain.

    Congrats on Vera Bradley too. I collect handbags so I understand.

  3. Swimming sounds phenomenal! When was your surgery???



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