Thursday, June 7, 2012

Want to Work Together?

I appreciate your interest in my blog!  There are several ways in which we can work together.

 I would be happy to do a giveaway on my blog with your item(s).  I can do a post showcasing the item and/or product you would like to giveaway.  I will  post all giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.  Once the contest closes I will randomly select a winner (or winners) using  Rafflecopter and then either let you know so you can send OR I will send if you have already mailed me the item/product.

Showcase What I Wore or Outfit of the Day:
If you would like for me to showcase an outfit, jewelry or other item - I would be happy to do so as long as it is something I would personally wear or use.

Review A Product:
I love reviewing products. If you would like for me to review one of your products - I will gladly do so after using/trying item for whatever time you specify and then give an honest review. This will include Twitter and Facebook. as well.

Please contact me by e-mail at  if you are interested in working with me. Suggestions are welcome!


  1. I ran across your blog in a link party, and think I'm going to LOVE following you. You remmind me of me! But I'm old. Love your outfits, check out my blog, I show off my clothes too!

  2. I will take that as a compliment! I just checked out your blog - we are 2 years a part - so I say you are
    thanks for following and I will be doing the same.


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