Friday, May 17, 2013

High 5 For Friday

Happy Happy Happy FRIDAY! It is crazy but we are on the countdown to the end of school now. This year flew by!

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth

* So excited about my new James Avery charm bracelet! I got it today! Not only that, my BFF helped me get it with a 30% discount because she knows one of the managers at the JA store. So, I got a Hummingbird, Guitar, Bible & Purse. 

* I also got a new Coach handbag. It is now my fav! I love how roomy it is without being really big and heavy. 

*I have done very well eating healthy for a whole week - now lets see what the weekend brings!

*I made the decision to let my hair grow out some - and have been looking at hairstyles. My number once choice is Lauren Elizabeth's sisters "Pinterest" hairstyle - I have loved that look since the first time I saw it. (I think thousands have!)

*The pool is warming up! Not quite there yet - but in another week I think we will be in it.

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