Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Paisley Grace Has Arrived!

I love her! She is just so cute and was worth the long wait. She is chunky - perfect weight, perfect feel about her - she actually will set up straight in your hand without flopping over. Her eyes are beautiful and she looks like she has a slight little grin about her. I couldn't be more happy with her.
The unboxing was nice - nothing extra with her - exactly what was promised. Her tutu which was too too cute - her paci, a beautiful blanket and leg warmers, hat - all hand crocheted and pretty pink.

She is my first "awake" Reborn baby and I wasn't sure how I would like one that has the eyes open all the time - but I have to say - I love it. It is nice having both kinds. 

Here is a sweet pictures of Miss Paisley Grace. 

I have a lot of clothing that fits her perfectly - so I didn't have to buy anything special for her - but of course I love to baby shop - so she will be getting new things regularly, I am sure.

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