Thursday, June 16, 2016

Reborn Update On Very Bad & Disappointing Unboxing

I e-mailed  back and forth with the seller  - because, originally, I wanted a refund, knowing, of course, that she wasn't going to agree since she has a no refund policy. I was still going to try or at the very least take it up with eBay. 
She was offended that I even suggested that the reborn was anything less than what he should be - telling me that she did not use sand, she used a suitable grade of glass beads and he was a good weight. Well, I disagreed and I had the video to prove all the problems. I asked her if she would like to view the video - and of course she never replied. 
Now, this lady claims to be a professional. I can't imagine not having enough pride in my work that I wouldn't do a little more for the presentation. Can you? Cramming him into a box with no protection whatsoever. I believe the heat caused the problems with the hard packing in the body.

I boxed the reborn in the same box he came in - I didn't close up the box, just sat it in the closet - but I didn't leave him there long - I went back for him and decided to try to work with him. He got the best massage in the history of mankind and I managed to break up the "glass beads" (I still say it is sand) enough to where I could distribute them throughout the torso. At least the big chunk in the diaper area was gone. His head is still packed full and hard - I have done every thing I know to loosen it up but it is just so heavy. His arms and legs lay funny - because they are also packed. There is no give at all in the limbs. My other 2 Reborns, plus the one I sold, were not like this at all. There limbs are more supple and have plenty of give. The weight is evenly proportioned. Pretty much the only thing to do is redo him but I am not brave enough just yet to try that. Since I am just now working on my first one maybe after I have put this one together I will comfortable enough to try to fix him. I really don't even think the limbs go with that body. 

But - after working on him which includes the body work - I trimmed his hair short because it was a hot mess - bald spots galore and several different lengths. Now it is cropped short and look more like a newborn. His eyelashes were also way off - one side very long and the other really weird shaped. Now they are all even. Other than that - he has a very cute face. I actually love his little face.

So - he now has a name -- and he is staying. I haven't even told the seller about any of this - I hope she happens on my Youtube Video and sees it for herself. I did not call her out by name - but she will know if she sees it. No doubt.

His name is JACKSON LANE. He is 5 pounds (most of that is in his head..LOL) and 20 inches long. 
We now have Benjamin Wyatt, Sally Jane, Jackson Lane and still waiting on little sister, Paisley Grace - this will round out our 2 boys and 2 girls.

The one I am making - I am not sure if it is a boy or girl yet or what will become of her. Time will tell~

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