Friday, June 17, 2016

Reborns: With or Without Hair

So now I have had Reborn babies with hair and without. The first one with hair was Lucy who had the wild frizzy kinky curls and no, I didn't like them at all. Too much upkeep.

Benjamin has painted hair and I do love it. It looks pretty natural. 

Sally Jane is totally bald and  I think that is just cute. 

Paisley Grace will be bald if she ever gets here!

And now I have Jackson - he came with wild  blonde hair and I cropped it short so he is close to bald.

Honestly - I prefer no hair at all or painted on hair. Jackson's is ok - now that it is short. It looks more natural. 

I have seen so many Reborns with pitiful hair but I have seen some that really look good. If an artist knows what they are doing when rooting hair and they use the appropriate type of hair then it most likely will look natural. These artist that use the frizzy stuff (I have no idea what it is) it just looks silly, in my opinion. 
I have seen some that have the little curl at the top like a kewpie doll and those are truly sweet looking. I have seen some that are all nice and even and swirl around on the crown and those look adorable. But the ones that look like Chuckie - just ew! 

So - my preference would still have to be no hair. It is just easier, neater and most of the time - more realistic. 

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