Friday, June 3, 2016

Welcoming Sally Jane

Sally Jane is actually the very first Reborn baby that I ordered - but Benjamin was already created so he came home first. It took Sally quite a while. 
She arrived today and I was surprised just how small and delicate she is. I have so many clothes that are not going to fit her. The first dress she is wearing is a newborn. 0 - 3 months are too big! I have a lot of 3 - 6 months that certainly won't fit. I have several pairs of shoes and booties that will not fit, either. Oh well - she is adorbs!
I am hoping Paisley will be a little bigger so maybe she can wear them. We will be looking for NB clothes this weekend! Next to Benjamin, she looks close to the same size, but he is a little heavier by about a pound, at least.
Don't they look precious together?

I just love her coloring. Just the perfect amount of blushing. Benjamin is a lot darker complected than her.

Sally Jane is a Liam sculpt by Marissa May. 

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