Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Two New Babies in the Nursery

I have 2 new Reborn babies ready for adoption! The first one - I have him as a boy - he is 6 pounds and 20 inches long.

The 2nd one I have as a girl and she is 4 pounds and 19 inches long. Of course either can be the opposite gender.

The boy is my first one to do as an awake Reborn. I love his beautiful eyes. 

I thought about making him a girl and actually that was the plan - but even with girl clothing, he looks like a boy baby - so a boy, he is, at least as long as I have him in the nursery.

The girl is my first to root hair. What a tedious job! No wonder than generally cost more!

I am already working on my next one. I just love creating these lifelike dolls. It is a wonderful hobby to get in to. Now if I can just sell them! LOL

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