Friday, August 5, 2016

All in one place

These are all the Reborn Baby Dolls I have made so far. The names under them are the names of the sculpt, not the names of the babies. When adopted, they go home with a blanket, several outfits, socks, magnetic paci, hair accessories for girls and a few surprises. Any doll can be made into boy or girl, they are not anatomically correct babies, they have doe suede bodies that are filled with fine glass beads and polyfil. The limbs are also filled with glass beads and polyfil and capped off before attaching to the body. I use Genesis paints and paint in layers and then the babies are baked numerous times to cure the paint. They have a magnet inside the head for a paci and I can put on in the top of the head for a magnetic barrette. Sleeping babies have rooted eyelashes and awake babies have eyelashes glued in. At this time I am only making/selling bald babies, at least until I perfect my rooting for hair. I am working on it!
Most of the clothing is brand new and some are gently worn - clean and in excellent condition. All babies will have at least one new outfit. I am very generous with the extras and like to wrap them individually so the box opening is a fun experience. Crochet baby blankets are handmade by me and my mother. 
I absolutely love watching them come to life.

I will be adding to this blog post as I go...


Ryan as Boy

Amber as Boy

 Ryan as Girl
Molly with Brown hair




Molly with blonde hair as a boy
Sadie as a boy

Kameko (for my daughter)

Paisley as a boy
Preemie Megan

 Sadie as a girl





Chanel as a boy

Chanel as a girl

Jewel (from my mom)

Preemie Kaelin








Natalie as a boy

Natalie as a girl

Josie as a boy

Josie as a girl



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