Friday, July 13, 2012

High 5 For FRIDAY

OMGosh - it is Friday and we are traveling 500 miles today - with a 5 year old - again...(taking my 2 grandangels and mom back home after their 2 week vaca with us here in Texas) Seriously - she is incredibly good in the vehicle - better than me, actually! lol

Lots of High 5's for the week but I will keep it to 5 - Linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk.

1. Even though it rained every single day this week - we still had good times and the girls NEVER complained.

2. I taught Brooklyn a song that I can play on my guitar (Country Roads)

3. I taught Brooklyn how to make a pillow using my sewing machine.

4. Brooklyn and I went to see Katy Perry: Part of Me (3D) and both of us really liked it.

5. We all went to see the new Amazing Spiderman movie - it was actually my first one to see and I really enjoyed it. Lots of action!!

The icing on the cake for the week will happen over the weekend when I get to see my Tucker Boo and daughter/son in law. Can't wait!


  1. i love Katy Perry! i would watch her movie when it opens in my country already.

    i watched Amazing Spiderman last week and i think it's better than the ones before it. it's more real and i love Emma Stone. :)

    i found you in h54f and followed you via GFC.



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