Sunday, May 15, 2016

Unexpected Reborn...Lucy Claire

After getting Benjamin Wyatt and having Sally Jane on the way (she is a custom reborn so she takes a few weeks) I was not planning on another one for awhile.  However, a toddler girl just sort of fell in my lap.  Kinda sorta on purpose, that is.

I shall explain...

I am a huge eBayer. I buy and sell all the time. Actually that is how I am paying for my newly acquired Reborn obsession/collection. Every penny spent so far has come from my selling on eBay. I may find clearance items for 90% off and then resale at a decent price so it's a win/win for me and the buyer. A lot of people do this and for many it is their only income. I do it for play money. 

Anyway, I digress...So, as I was sifting through cute clothes and shoes for Benjamin and Sally Jane I somehow ended up back on the Reborn babies. I knew someday I would want a toddler, but really planned to wait awhile.  I came across this cutie and her hair just caught my eye. I read her description and was just amazed at everything the artist was sending with her. Her price was already a very fair price. Especially with her coming with a huge wardrobe! She was just completed 2 weeks ago and I read over and over to make sure I wasn't missing anything since she was less expensive than my custom baby. But the best part was "Best Offer" added to the deal. I clicked out of it and left my computer for awhile but then decided I would add "watch" to it so I could see if she sold over night. Then I thought, well, it won't hurt to put in an offer and I offered $45 less than she was asking and went to bed. I seriously believed she would come back with a counter offer of maye $10 less at most. But I thought if she accepted my offer then it was "meant to be". 
Well, SHE ACCEPTED MY OFFER! I was truly surprised. 

Her name is Lucy Claire.

She will be here in just a few days as she is coming from Washington.  She is 9 pounds and 23 inches long. She will seem heavy after my 5 pound baby boy. She comes with all the clothes in these pictures plus several more outfits, headbands,  blanket and paci. 

I am pretty excited! Now...I have to go break the news to my husband. He is still getting over the shock of the first one. Lol

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