Monday, July 11, 2016

Pittypat's Reborn Nursery Workshop

I have my reborning nursery workshop set up now. I feel so much better!

 Before I had every thing spread out all over the dining room. It was a mess. I am nothing if I am not organized so it was really driving me crazy. I had been looking for a small table that I could put in the spare bedroom/computer room/sewing room and just haven't had any luck. This morning it came to me that I don't really sew that much - and if I put my machine away - it would not be a big deal to pull it out of the closet - so that is what I did. 
I have a chest of drawers that pretty much matches the machine cabinet/desk and it was also empty. I let my granddaughters use the drawers while they were here and hadn't had time to fill them back up with my sewing stuff. I packed all that away, too. After umpteen trips up and down the stairs - every thing is now in its place. The lighting is great - and if I need it as a guest room nothing will even have to change. Perfect!

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