Friday, September 29, 2017

My New DOLL HOUSE/Workshop

I know, it has been awhile! I don't even have an excuse for it - just life, I guess.

I am so excited to have my workshop finished. It is the cutest. We bought one of those little sheds from Lowe's  - this one is 12 x 8 x 8. Brad put in an air conditioner - it has great lighting - and it is just so much better than tying up a bedroom in the house. I was always worried about the vinyl baking and not enough ventilation - so now I can just sit my oven right outside the door on a little table as needed. 

 I need a little bench to sit out in front - I have since added a welcome mat and a bucket of flowers. I think a little window box of flowers would be cute, too.
The following pictures were taken before the ceiling was finished with sheetrock or curtain added.

My cute elephant print curtain I made. 
 We had it put together by Lowe's professionals but my husband did the sheetrock inside, cut out another window for AC and did all the painting. He is making me a sign with my nursery name to add to the outside.

I love it!

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