Friday, April 27, 2012

High 5 For Friday

F R I D A Y - {deep breath}and doin' the Happy Dance and linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk

High stress week with the STAAR testing - so glad it's over!

So - on to the High 5's:

1) Hubs was on vacation all week so he got a lot done - new grass planted - fertilizing all the rose bushes, shrubs, pretty much the whole yard. The pool looks great and I can't wait for it to warm enough to start getting in. My roses are blooming like crazy now. He picked a perfect week to stay home and work in the yard.

2) I was hoping to hit the 50 mark in followers this week and I did and then some. 63 at the time of this posting. Yeaaaaa & Many thanks.

3) This is Professional Administrators Assistants Week - and I got a beautiful mug with butter pecan "mug of cake" in it and a cupcake from Somethin' Sweet - best cupcakes in town! This morning I got a Begonia plant in a pretty flower pot and my 2 sweet counselors gave me a Visa giftcard. I work with great people. :-)

4) I enjoyed a massage Wednesday after work - always makes me feel better!

5) I feel like I am really learning a lot in my guitar lessons and making great progress. I am already working on strumming and my teacher says I have "musical bones" and it is coming naturally. That made me feel pretty good! My son is self taught and really good with the guitar. My daughter has played clarinet since her elementary years and even received a college scholarship - my oldest granddaughter is playing the clarinet (6th grade) So now I like to say I am the one who gave them their musical talent...ha! Serioulsy - I am thanking God for helping me learn this so quickly. My prayer has been that this gift I know He has placed in me will shine and I can praise him through my music.

I hope you had a blessed week and looking forward to a great weekend!


  1. Your roses are gorgeous and that pool is tempting too! I can't wait for summer:)

  2. That is awesome that you know you have music in you. Congrats on pursuing your talent!

  3. Your pool looks so fabulous, it makes me want summer to be here NOW! It's been kind of cold where I've been lately, so I'm lusting over all this summery. :)


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