Thursday, May 19, 2016

Call It A Change of Reborn Heart

Well, Lucy Claire is going to go on eBay. I knew there was a possibility when I bought her that I wouldn't want a bigger Reborn and I should have gone with my gut feeling. She is a cutie pie but she  is just so darn heavy! You wouldn't think 9 pounds would be that heavy - but yes, it is. Benjamin is 5 pounds, Sally Jane will be 5 pounds and I have decided on another sweetie and her name is Paisley.  I haven't decided on her middle name yet. 

I said all along if I got a really good deal on a Reborn at any time that I would buy them and resell at some point. I didn't realize it would be this quick, tho. 

Anyway, hopefully she has someone out there that is just aching for one just her size and this will be there lucky moment. I thought it was for me, but I guess not. :-(

She will come with several outfits, magnetic paci, headbands, receiving blanket, socks, shoes and I am going to add in a couple of surprise gifts. So if you are interested or know someone who might be - just head on over to the eBay auction and put a bid in for her.

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